Roch Lockyer

New Album Jan 2018


Life and relationship are the same word.  

The current & vibration of life flows through our breath, and it is our breath that is the never ending song of life...a song sung by all. Making music and playing tunes are just an attempt to participate in this vibration in the form of sound, while temporarily attaching the illusion of a destination. Music has the ability to make us feel not only a sense of purpose, but also the whole range of human emotions.  Both listening to or playing music allows a break from the why's & how's and instead a reminder of just because.  I hope you will have a listen to the songs and perhaps even offer a bit of support by downloading some music, or by visiting the contact page and signing the mailing list . With gratitude, Roch  

Welcome to my little corner of the web!  

 My journey to this space, place and time has been accompanied with the striving and struggles found in life.  The questions of how and why we land where we are can't be understood and perhaps they are not meant to be?   The sincere practice for any artist or empath will have to be enough reason or justification for the efforts and actions, and thus this website!   I have been lucky to have been exposed to, played with and learned from some of my favorite musicians in the world and for this I am grateful.   On this album the great Ben Powell  (Violin) & virtuoso Rob Hardt (Clarinet)  are featured.  More importantly every relationship is my music teacher, and I learn far more from the practice of vulnerability and strength of character than the structure of harmony, melody, rhythm or form that is defined as music.   With this, I do think it is important to strive and work on ones art.  It takes 1000's of hours of practice and dedication to begin to play any instrument well and only a lifetime of conscious repetition will lead to any revelation.   There are no shortcuts or easy paths up the mountain.  The process of practice and becoming makes me realize that I can never get "there".  I can never be as good as anyone else, only my own  best self.  This current album represents my experience at this place in time, and it is my most honest musical offering.   I will be very happy if you enjoy it.   Feel free to leave me a note and I will do my best to answer.  Roch Lockyer   


"Every once in a while a CD comes along that so captures a reviewer's attention it's almost as if there aren't enough superlatives to describe it."

Dr. Thomas Errdman

Professor of Music, & Acclaimed Critic/Music Author


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