Roch Lockyer

"By tackling the vocal stylings of Sinatra and coupling them with the guitar work of Reinhardt, Lockyer creates a style of jazz that is almost completely new." Dodie Miller-Gould Critic popular music and culture, 1920s jazz, and blues

“As a guitarist, Lockyer manages to master a guitar technique known as “La Pompe.” The intricate style evokes the feel of European cafes and an artful sensibility about life, and music for that matter.”  — Dodie Miller-Gould Critic popular music and culture, 1920s jazz, and blues
"Roch is not only in line with the humanity of his music – he also has some lovely words about life...This is simply one of the finest collections of just pure singing by a man who communicates completely.  Highly Recommended."  Grady Harp,  Artist Representative, Gallery Owner, writer of essays and articles on Figurative and all Representational art
“Every once in a while a CD comes along that so captures a reviewers attention it's almost as if there aren't enough superlatives to describe it”—
Dr Thomas Errdman, Professor of Music and acclaimed critic/author
"Lockyer is an impressively versatile player with a sense of space and clarity reminiscent of Jim Hall or Pat Metheny and he sounds fine dialoguing with excellent musicians like pianist Art Lande and trumpeter Ron Miles. “Melancholies,” a delicate weave of guitar, trumpet, piano, and kalimba, and “Quintennaisance,” with its rolling guitar and vibes groove, sound like vintage Gary Burton tracks. Lockyer masterminds a frisky and smart set of music here."   Jerome Wilson Cadence Magazine  NonDirectional
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